GDPR Compliant MailChimp Integration

According to GDPR you need to have explicit consent from users when processing their data. What that consent is and how you obtain it is a discussion meant for you and your lawyer regarding the law. However, there are some main use cases that we can help you with. 

We provide an integration with MailChimp. It allows you to add members to a list if they have registered with your site or are on a specific plan. While this is great you might need explicit consent for some of those lists, especially ones that are marketing in nature. Those typically require an unchecked checkbox to be explicitly agreed to by your members.

To help facilitate this we have added a new sign up field for MailChimp marketing lists. After you set this up, members will:

  • Have to check a box in order to be added to a specific list in MailChimp. 
  • If they don't check the box they will not be added to that specific list.
  • They can also opt out of or back into this list at anytime by editing their profile from within their account. 

In order to set this up follow these steps:

Step 1) In MemberSpace, log into your backend > click on your website > click on Settings > click on Sign Up Fields > click "Add a Sign Up Field".

Step 2) Select MailChimp List Checkbox as the type of input.

Step 3) If you have not already you will need to connect your MailChimp account. Click the Connect to MailChimp button and follow the on screen direction. If you have already connected MailChimp you can skip this. 

Step 4) Add your display name and the list you want members to agree to. When finished click the Add Now button. 

Now when members go to join your site or edit their profile they will see this as an option on the form. 

Remember that only members who select this MailChimp checkbox will be added to the list you selected. If a member does not select this can they will not be added. Members can also change this preference at any time by editing their profile from within their account. 

You can learn more about MemberSpace's Privacy & GDPR policies here:

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