How to use Zapier

We provide an integration with Zapier which is an amazing tool that allows you to connect your members with over 1,000 other services. 

In Zapier there are 2 main concepts, triggers and actions

Triggers and Actions

Triggers are events that happen in one service, like MemberSpace. When a trigger event happens you can do something at the time of the event and have access to data that the trigger provides. In MemberSpace we have two triggers: 

  • New Membership - happens when a member is added to or joins a plan.
  • Canceled Membership - happens when a member has canceled their recurring payment plan, is removed from a one time payment plan, or is removed from a free plan.

In both triggers, member data is provided to you for use in an action (an event that you start from within Zapier to do something in a connected service). MemberSpace does not have actions but many services do. You can see the specifics of our integration with Zapier here.

Lets make a Zap!

In Zapier you connect a trigger with an action by creating a Zap. 

As an example, lets say you use Constant Contact to inform your members about updates and additional services you provide though a monthly newsletter. What you want to do is add each member to a list in Constant Contact so you can later send them monthly emails. This is easy with Zapier so lets see how we do this.

There are a few steps we need to accomplish this:

  1. Create a Zapier account
  2. Connect your Zapier MemberSpace account to Zapier
  3. Configure a Zap that connects MemberSpace with Constant Contact

Step 1) You can create a Zapier account here or sign into one you already have. You can start with a free account but here is their pricing page.

Step 2) From the Zapier dashboard click Make A Zap! in the top navigation bar. Now you are in the Zap editor. Search for "memberspace" in the search bar for the trigger app and click the MemberSpace icon.

You will next be prompted to select a trigger but you can always change this later. Select the first one and click Save + Continue

On the next screen you will be prompted to connect a MemberSpace account. Click connect and you will be shown a popup screen. If you are not logged into MemberSpace than you will need to login. From the access screen choose your website. You might just have one. Click Allow Access when complete. 

Now you have authenticated Zapier to pull data from MemberSpace for use in Zaps you setup. 

Step 3) Next create a Zap in Zapier that adds a member to a list in Constant Contact. Here is a video demonstrating this

We have two steps in our zap. A trigger from MemberSpace and an action to Constant Contact. You can have more than two steps so feel free to experiment!

Now that we have completed the above steps our Zap is ready to be turned on!

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