How to use Zapier with MemberSpace

Our integration with Zapier allows you to send your member's data to over 1,000 other 3rd party services like Mailchimp, Trello, Hubspot, Google Sheets, etc.

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In Zapier, there are 2 main concepts:  triggers and actions

Triggers and Actions

Triggers are events that happen in one service, like MemberSpace. When a trigger event happens, you can do something at the time of the event and have access to data that the trigger provides.

For MemberSpace, we have three triggers currently available: 

  • New Membership - happens when a member is added to or joins a member plan.
  • Canceled Membership - happens when a member has canceled their recurring payment plan, is removed from a one time payment plan, or is removed from a free plan.
  • Updated Member Profile - happens when a member updates any part of their profile (e.g. name, email, custom sign up field).

In these triggers, member data is provided to you for use in an action (an event that you start from within Zapier to do something in a connected service). MemberSpace does not have any actions currently. You can see the specifics of our integration with Zapier here.

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