GDPR Compliant Zapier Integrations

According to GDPR you need to have explicit consent from users when processing their data. What that consent is and how you obtain it is a discussion meant for you and your lawyer regarding the law. However, there are some main use cases that we can help you with. 

We provide an integration with Zapier. It is an amazing tool that allows you to connect your members with over 1,000 other services. While this is great you might need explicit consent for some of those connections, especially ones that are marketing in nature. Those typically require an unchecked checkbox to be explicitly agreed to by the end user.  We can help in this manner. I'll show you how to set up explicit consent into a marketing campaign for your members using Zapier. 

Lets say you use Constant Contact to inform your members about updates and additional services you provide though a monthly newsletter. What you want to do is add each member to a list in Constant Contact so you can later send them monthly emails. This is easy with Zapier but lets see how we do this while getting explicit consent first.

There are a few steps we need to accomplish this

  1. Set up an explicit consent sign up field
  2. Configure a Zap that connects MemberSpace with Constant Contact
  3. Only execute this Zap if you have explicit consent

Step 1) In MemberSpace, log into your backend > click on your website > click on Settings > click on Sign Up Fields > click "Add a Sign Up Field".

Create a checkbox input field that is not required. It might looking something like this

Now whenever someone signs up they will have the option to provide their consent by selecting the checkbox. Remember that the checkbox can not be required as this must be a voluntary action.

Step 2) Next create a Zap in Zapier that adds a member to a list in Constant Contact. Here is a video demonstrating this:

Step 3) Now that we have the basic Zap setup we need to add a step that will stop the Zap if we have not received explicit concent from the member. This involves using a Zapier filter in-between the MemberSpace and Constant Contact steps. Here is a video demonstrating this:

Now we have three steps in our zap. A trigger from MemberSpace, a filter, and an action to Constant Contact. 

Now that we have completed the above steps our Zap is ready to be turned on!

You can learn more about MemberSpace's Privacy & GDPR policies here:

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