How to add tax to Member Plans

The article below is NOT tax advice. We strongly recommend you speak with an attorney and/or accountant to decide the best strategy for collecting and paying your taxes.

When creating your Member Plans, you may want to add a tax e.g. VAT if you're in the EU. Or perhaps you simply want to add a fee of some kind on top of your pricing.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. In your Member Plan form, turn Tax/Fee % on:
  2. Then enter in the percentage tax or fee you want to add on top of your Member Plan's Payment Amount:
    Just enter a number (e.g. 7, 6.5, 0.9, etc), don't enter a % symbol.
  3. Feel free to turn on Tax/Fee Description as well to add additional context for members about what the fee is:
    This description will be shown when members are joining this plan and will also appear in each of their invoices as a line item.
  4. That's it! After you create your plan, whenever someone joins it, they will be charged this new tax/fee and shown your tax/fee description if you enabled it.

    You can always edit the tax/fee (or description) in the future, but the new amount will only apply for new people who join the plan.
  5. If you need suggestions on how to collect taxes across multiple jurisdictions, please read this article.

The MemberSpace & Stripe transaction fees are always charged based on the total amount your customer pays (including your Tax/Fee).

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