How to add tax to plans

When creating your plans, you may want to add a tax e.g. VAT if you're in the EU. Or perhaps you simply want to add a fee of some kind on top of your pricing.

The article below is NOT tax advice. We strongly recommend you speak with an attorney and/or accountant to decide the best strategy for collecting and paying your taxes.

Adding tax/fees to plans

Follow these simple steps to add tax or a fee to any plan:

  1. In your plan settings, turn on Tax/Fee %:

  2. Then, enter the percentage tax or fee you want to add on top of your plan's Payment Amount:

  3. Just enter a number (e.g. 7, 6.5, 0.9, etc); don't enter a % symbol.
  4. Feel free to turn on Tax/Fee Description as well to add additional context for members about what the fee is:

    This description will be shown when members join this plan and will also appear in each of their invoices as a line item.

  5. That's it! After you create your plan, whenever someone joins it, they will be charged this new tax/fee and shown your tax/fee description if you enabled it.

    You can always edit the tax/fee (or description) in the future, but the new amount will only apply to new people who join the plan.

  6. If needed, we've put together a few recommendations about how to collect taxes across multiple jurisdictions.

We do not support Stripe Tax, and it should not be enabled in your Stripe account.

The MemberSpace & Stripe transaction fees are always charged based on the total amount your customer pays (including your Tax/Fee).

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