How to protect scheduled Zoom calls for members only

Zoom is a super popular software these days for hosting video calls and/or webinars.

Calendly is a modern software option for scheduling calls and meetings.

If you combine these two tools with MemberSpace, you can create a beautiful and simple-to-use scheduling system for members to get access to Zoom calls you host.

This is great for many use cases such as:

  • Yoga and/or workout classes
  • Coaching calls
  • Webinars

Here's how to set up everything.

  1. Sign up for Calendly's Premium or Pro plan.
  2. Sign up for Zoom's free Basic plan if your calls are going to be 40 minutes or less. If you need longer calls, join their Pro plan.
  3. In Calendly, set up your first event (here's their video tutorial). If the event is for more than one attendee at a time, make sure you select 'Group' when creating the event.
  4. In Calendly, make sure you integrate Zoom and set it as the location for your event (here's their video tutorial).
  5. In your website editor (WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, etc), create and design a page that will be for members only. On this page is where you should embed your Calendly event (here's their video tutorial).
  6. Let's pretend the page URL will be "".
  7. In MemberSpace > click Member Pages > click Protect Member Pages and add the page URL "/member-schedule" and make sure at least one of your Member Plans grants access to this page.

    You may even want to make the After Sign Up URL for your plan go right to the "/member-schedule" page so everything is super simple for members:
  8. Now only members on the Member Plans you selected can access your "/member-schedule" page. When a member does access this page, they will be able to join one of your Calendly events, and a Zoom link will automatically be generated for the event.

    You can send out automatic calendar invites and reminders about the event via Calendly as well (here's their video tutorial).
  9. To add extra security to your "/member-schedule" page, we recommend you add the Extra Security Code to the page.
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