How to install MemberSpace on Notion

Before Installing

Make sure you followed ALL steps in this guide first

When linking to other Notion pages, they must be subpages of the Notion home page you entered into Super. Otherwise, your members will see a 404 error.

How To Install

Follow the steps below to complete the installation of MemberSpace on your Notion site via Super:

  1. Go into your MemberSpace backend > click Customize > click Integrations > click Notion
  2. Under '100% Required add install code' > click the Copy button:
  3. Paste the install code you just copied into the 'Global site code' area in Super found under Settings > Code > Global site code > Head:

    Click Save to finish up.

  4. Now people can visit your Notion custom domain, your Member Pages are protected, and people can join your Member Plans to get access!
  5. To test this, you'll need to be on your live custom domain (not your Notion backend).

Once you successfully install MemberSpace, the Member Button will automatically display in the bottom right corner of all your website’s pages.  To customize the Member Button, check out this guide.

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