How to notify members about new content

Whenever you create new content for your members generally you want to tell them about it :)

Sending an email campaign (via Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc) is one approach, but there is a fundamental issue - the email is not automated!

You as the admin would need to create a new email campaign and manually include the pages/content you want members to know about. However, if you have multiple Member Plan tiers this becomes even more complicated. You would need to send different email campaigns to members based on their page/content access.

You can avoid this whole mess by enabling our 'New Pages Available' Member Email.

Enable the new pages available notification What triggers the notification email?
Why aren't my members being notified?

How to enable the New Pages Available notification

  1. In MemberSpace > click 'Customize' in the top navigation > click Member Emails > scroll down and click on New Pages Available:
  2. Enable the email:
  3. Now your members will be notified automatically via this email whenever Member Pages become available to them.

    Here's an example of how the email will look: Members will receive the email at 9am if any Member Page(s) have become available to them within the last 24 hours.

    9am will be based on whatever time zone you have set in your MemberSpace account. You can adjust your time zone in MemberSpace > click Customize > General Options > and scroll down to 'Change your time zone'.

What triggers the notification email?

The following scenarios could trigger the 'New Pages Available' email being sent to one or more of your members. 

  • When a member joins a Member Plan, they will receive the email at 9am (either that day or the following depending on when they joined) with ALL pages available on their Member Plan.

Since 9am the previous day:

  • You've added a new Member Page which can be accessed by one or more of your Member Plans.
  • You've edited an existing Member Page and allowed additional Member Plans access.
  • You've edited an existing Member Plan and granted access to additional Member Pages.
  • You've dripped out Member Pages, and one or more of the pages are now available.

Why aren't my members being notified?

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot any issues related to your members not getting your notification email.

  1. Check if your member has opted out of these notification emails previously. Every time one is sent, there is a link at the bottom for them to opt out:You can check if they have opted out in MemberSpace > click Members in your top navigation > find the member > click 'View member details' > If they HAVE disabled the notifications already, the link will say 'Enable new page notifications':
    You can click 'Enable new page notifications' and the member will now receive any future 'New Pages Available' notification emails.
  2. Have your member check their spam/junk folder just in case. If they find the email there, make sure they mark it as Not Spam so this problem doesn't happen again in the future.

  3. Members will only receive at most one email per day (at 9am). If no new Member Pages have become available to them since 9:01am the previous day, they will NOT get an email.

  4. Make sure 9am has already passed in your member's time zone relative to your time zone. For example, if the time zone you set in MemberSpace is CST and it's currently 9:30am EST, your member will need to wait about 30 more minutes before they should expect to receive the notification email. Here's a useful site for comparing time zones:

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