How to keep member email & profile updates in sync with 3rd parties (via Zapier)

Let's say, for example, you use an email marketing platform like Mailchimp to inform your members about updates and additional services through a monthly newsletter.

To add members to your list automatically after sign up, read our help guide here.

However, after members are added, it's possible they will change certain account profile details within MemberSpace e.g. their name, their email, etc.

Ideally, after a member updates their profile, you'd like to automatically update your email list so the data is consistent and always up-to-date.

You can easily do that with an awesome tool called Zapier that allows you to send your member's data to over 1,000 other 3rd party services like Mailchimp, Trello, Google Sheets, Salesforce, etc.

Here's a quick overview of what our Zapier integration allows you to do. If you don't already have an account, you can join their Free plan here.

Below are steps to start automatically keeping your member email & profile updates in sync. We'll be using Mailchimp in this example, but you could repurpose these steps for other 3rd party platforms.

  1. Go to your Zapier dashboard > click Create Zap to create a Zap > search for MemberSpace:
  2. Select Updated Member Profile > click Continue > connect your MemberSpace account > choose your website > click Allow Access:Then, click Continue:
  3. You'll then need to click Test trigger to test the connection in Zapier to make sure a member is found (assuming you already have members):
    After the test runs, click Continue.
  4. Now for the first Action step, search for Mailchimp > select Find a Subscriber > click Continue:
    Connect your Mailchimp account and click Continue.
  5. For the Search field, select Previous Email.

    Then, select your Audience > make sure No is selected for 'Should this step be considered...' > click Continue:
    Previous Email is the email address your member had in their profile BEFORE their last profile update.

    Keep in mind, when a member updates their profile, it's very likely they don't change their email e.g. perhaps they just change the spelling of their last name. In these cases, we still send the 'Previous Email' variable, but it will be identical to the 'Email' variable since the email address didn't change.
  6. Test your action to make sure things are working (assuming you've had a member update their profile in MemberSpace at some point).
  7. Now, add another action by clicking the + icon at the bottom:
    Then, select the Filter:
    Then, set the logic to what is shown below:
    This is saying that you only want the Zap to continue if the member is already 'subscribed' in Mailchimp.

    You could alternatively set this up to only continue if the text does not contain 'unsubscribed':
  8. Now click the + icon again to add another action:
  9. Select the Filter option again and use the logic shown below:
    The point of this step is to determine if the member did in fact change their email, in which case the 'Email' and 'Previous Email' variables would NOT match.
  10. Now click the + icon again to add another action:
  11. Select Mailchimp > choose Unsubscribe Email in Mailchimp for the Action Event > click Continue and use the logic shown below:
    This step will unsubscribe the old outdated email address from your audience list in Mailchimp. We'll then be adding the new updated email address as a new subscriber to your Mailchimp list.
  12. Click the + icon one more time to set up our last action
  13. Select Mailchimp > choose Add/Update Subscriber for the Action Event > click Continue and use the logic shown below:
  14. Feel free to update any other fields here (e.g. tags, groups, name, etc) by using variables from MemberSpace > click Continue:
  15. Test your latest action and then turn your Zap on.

    That's it, you're all done! Now whenever a member of yours updates their email address, they will be resubscribed to your list with their latest profile information based on whatever fields you set up in the Zap.
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