How to set up your Carrd member navigation

The way you want members to move through and interact on your website is usually subjective, but here is a good common option to ensure your member's experience is intuitive.

Create a Member Dashboard

  1. Add a Container element within your Carrd site. This container is where your member dashboard will live. Design it however you want (here's a visual example).

    Make sure to include links to the various other member-only sections and Content Links on your website so this acts as the home base for your members to get anywhere they need to go.

    Keep in mind, you can hide/show certain part of your dashboard using data-attributes.

  2. Optional Step - You may want to hide this dashboard Container so it only shows when a member is logged in. To do that click the Container > click the Settings icon > add this data-ms-show="auth" as a data-attribute > click Done:

  3. Optional Step - Create a Control section on your site (e.g. "#dashboard") right above your Container so that you can easily link directly to your dashboard (e.g.

    We recommend you also make this dashboard section the After Log In and After Signup page URL (e.g. for all your Member Plans so new and returning members are taken there automatically.

  4. Lastly, don't forget to Publish your changes. To test this, you'll need to be on your live website (not the Carrd editor).
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