Adding Content Links

Content Links are 100% optional — but they are the most secure way to protect the content on your Member Pages such as images, PDFs, videos, mp3s, documents, and even HTML.

Using Content Links will also give you additional analytics so you can see which members have viewed/downloaded any of your content — including the date, time, and location.

How to add Content Links

  1. In your MemberSpace backend, go to Content Links on the left:

  2. Next, click Add Content Links:

  3. Then, drag one or more files (i.e. images, PDFs, mp3s, etc.) onto the screen. You can drag multiple files onto the screen and upload them at once:

    If you wish to protect custom HTML or videos (hosted on Vimeo, Wistia, or YouTube), you can add those here too:

  4. After you upload content, you'll click Edit access next to each of your files one at a time to configure each Content Link's settings:

    Various file types will have different settings. Some customizable options include the Content Link title, determining when the content should be available (learn how to drip out Content Link access), choosing which Member Plans grant access to the content, and deciding how you'd like the content to appear on your website (i.e. popup, embed, download):

  5. When you finish editing the access settings for the Content Link, click Update Now at the bottom.
  6. Finally, click Done Uploading at the top to officially upload your Content Link(s):

Adding Content Links to your website

Once you upload a Content Link, we'll give you a secure link that you can add to your website. Simply click Copy next to the Content Link you'd like to add to your site:

When website visitors attempt to access a Content Link on your website, MemberSpace will perform an extra security check to make sure the person attempting to access the content is a logged-in member. This provides an extra level of protection in the event someone is able to get around the standard page protection.

For more information about adding Content Links to your website, check out these guides.  If you plan to add video Content Links, take a look over these guides.

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