Community Box (Member Directory) Integration

Before you begin integrating your MemberSpace account with Community Box, you'll want to sign up for a Community Box account. Then follow the steps below.

1. Log into your MemberSpace backend. Go to Customize > Integrations > Community Box. Click "Connect with Community Box". Clicking this button with bring you to the Community Box dashboard. 

2. If you already have a Box set up, you can skip to Step 5.
If you don't, you'll see a menu on the left side of the screen once you've been connected to Community Box, the third option down is "Boxes". Click this option to begin creating your membership directory. 

3. Choose "Add Box". 

4. Fill in your Box name, choose a box template, and then click "Add". You should then see a popup that says "Box added successfully". Click Ok.

5. From there you'll be brought to the box details. You'll immediately see the "Look & Feel" section, where you can edit colors, location, tags, etc. But for the purpose of explaining this integration, let's choose "Integrations" from the navigation menu you see on this page. Then choose "MemberSpace".

6. Once you click "MemberSpace", you'll see an "Activate" button appear. Click this button. 

7. The next screen will prompt you to choose which website you'd like to give access to (if you have more than one website within your MemberSpace account). Once you've done this, click "Allow Access". 

8. Once you click "Allow Access", you will be brought to a screen to choose which member plans you'd like to add to your box, and fields to map between MemberSpace and Community Box.

You'll see a list of Community Box fields fields on the left, and the dropdown menu on the right is a list of all MemberSpace fields you have (first name, last name, email, and any additional Sign Up Fields you may have added). You will want to go through and match this information up. Any fields you don't want just leave the dropdown as "Choose...". Below is just an example of how we did it for demo purposes.

9. Once you have chosen which MemberSpace plans you'd like to import from, and have mapped your fields, click "Synchronise", shown in the image above.

10. When the accounts have finished synchronizing, you will see a list of all of your members. To edit these members, you can click the box to the left of each name, and choose "edit entry" at the top of that screen.  

11. Another important Community Box feature to note is it does allow members to edit their own entries. In order to turn this feature on, click the checkbox next to the member's name, and choose "Allow Edit". 

CommunityBox pulls data from MemberSpace, not the other way around. So any edits your members make within the CommunityBox interface will NOT be reflected back in their MemberSpace accounts. You may want to consider not allowing edits within CommunityBox and instead directing members to make any profile changes via their MemberSpace Account on your website. When a member makes an update their account or a new member joins, this information will be automatically synched to Community Box in 4 hours. You do have the ability to manually force that sync immediately from the Community Box admin dashboard. 

12. Click back to "Look & Feel", and choose "Go to box" to view your box. 

13. Click the "Site embed" link in the image above. 

14. Here's a link to the platform-specific tutorial's Community Box has written.

15. Your member directory should now display on your page!

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