How to connect multiple websites to your MemberSpace account

You can easily add MemberSpace on more than one website!

Whether you need it for multiple membership businesses you run or you're an agency with multiple clients who need MemberSpace, you can connect additional websites to your single MemberSpace account.

How to connect an additional website

In your MemberSpace account, click on Connect a new site

Then, fill in the form with the details of the new website you want to connect:

  • After you connect the new site, you'll go through the same onboarding process and screens you experienced when you initially signed up for MemberSpace.
  • For this new site, you will have a completely new set of Member Pages, Member Plans, Members, etc.
  • For every site you have connected to your account, any members you charge will be subject to the 5% transaction fee.
  • You will also be able to invite unlimited admins individually to each site you have connected to help you manage it.

How to delete a connected website

In your MemberSpace account, find the website you want to delete and click Delete Site:

How to edit a connected website

You can always edit the details of any connected website (e.g. the website address, site name, etc).

In your MemberSpace account, find the website you want to edit and click Edit Site:

If you're a web design agency

For our friends who run web design and development agencies, we recommend you check out our guide on using MemberSpace for your clients' sites.

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