How to set up Member Plan expiration

Adding plan expiration Expiration emails
Rejoining expired plans

When you create or edit a Member Plan, you may want the plan to expire after a certain amount of time so members lose access to any Member Pages or Content Links they had access to via that plan.

For example, say you want to create a free Member Plan that expires after 7 days. After the plan expires you would want the member to lose access so they have to purchase one of your paid plans to regain access.

Another example would be if you have a one time payment Member Plan for a course you're offering. Perhaps you want members to have access to the course content for 1 year and then afterward they lose access and would have to repurchase the plan to regain access.

Adding plan expiration

  1. In MemberSpace, click Member Plans in the left navigation > click Create Member Plans > select the type of plan from the dropdown > scroll down to Plan Expiration:
    By default, we set the plan expiration to none.

    Plan Expiration is not an option on Recurring Payment plans.
  2. Select Specific date/time if you want the plan to expire on a specific day & time (e.g. January 1st of next year).

    Select Time period if you want the plan to expire X days after a member joins the plan. For example, 7 days after a member joins it, the plan will automatically expire relative to when they joined.
  3. Click the Create this plan button at the bottom, and you're done. Now whenever someone joins that plan, it will expire based on whatever option you selected.

    You can always alter the expiration or add expiration to an existing plan by simply editing the Member Plan:
    If you edit the expiration for an existing member plan, it will only apply to new members who join that plan.

Expiration emails

After any plan expires, your members will automatically get an email from you via MemberSpace. You can edit the wording of this email by clicking Customize in your left navigation > Notification Emails > Plan Expired.

You can also enable an expiration reminder email by going to Customize > Notification Emails > Plan Expiring Soon > toggle on Enable Email.

You may want to add a plan sign up link in the email's body so members can join another plan to continue accessing your member-only pages and content.

Rejoining expired plans

After a free Member Plan expires, a member will NOT be able to rejoin that plan ever again. The only way to allow the member to rejoin the plan is if an admin removes the plan for that member by going to Members > click View member details for the member > then click Remove next to the plan's name:
After a one time payment or multiple payment Member Plan expires, a member WILL be able to rejoin the plan again after they pay again. This will only be possible if the plan expiration is set to a "Time period".

If a member is part of a plan that expired and can be rejoined, they will see that it expired in their account and have the option to rejoin and pay for it again:

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