How to create upsells for members

If you have multiple Member Plan tiers, usually that's because you have different access levels for your members based on which plan they are on.

When you have different plan access levels and price points, generally you want to encourage members on the lower plan to upgrade to the higher plan.

Let's talk through an example. Say you have two public Member Plans:

Basic Plan ($29/mo) which gives access to these Member Pages:

  • /member-page-1
  • /member-page-2

Premium Plan ($79/mo) which gives access to these Member Pages:

  • /member-page-1
  • /member-page-2
  • /member-page-3

For members on the Basic Plan, you probably want to create an easy way to up-sell them to join and pay for your Premium Plan.

Here are the steps we recommend to do that.

  1. Make sure you have a public pricing page somewhere prominent on your website. You probably do not want it to be a Member Page since anyone should be able to get there and join (or upgrade) a plan.

    The MemberSpace pricing page is a good visual example of how you can lay out all your various Member Plan options with a sign up link to join each.

    So on this pricing page, you would add a sign-up link for your Basic Plan and one for your Premium Plan.
  2. On any Member Pages that your Basic Plan grants access to, you may want to include a call-to-action (CTA) which says something like "Want to get even more content? Click here to upgrade to our Premium Plan".

    You would make the CTA a link, and the URL would be the sign-up link for your Premium Plan:
  3. Within the pages your Basic Plan grants access to, you may also want to link to some of the pages to which your Premium Plan grants access. This way if a member naturally tries to go to a Premium Plan page, they will be automatically up-sold to join one of your public plans that grants access.
  4. Whenever a member (currently on your Basic Plan) clicks the Premium Plan sign-up link OR clicks a Member Page/Content Link their current plan doesn't grant access to, they will be shown a payment form (defaulting to their credit card on file) showing how much they will be charged prorated to today:
    The proration is based on how much your member paid most recently and also how far into their billing cycle they are (e.g. day 15 of 30).

    Keep in mind, the proration will only show if the member is currently on a recurring or multiple payment plan and upgrading to a different recurring or multiple payment plan.
  5. If you have multiple public Member Plans that grant access to the page/content the member was trying to access, they will see a dropdown of all your public plans that grant access to the page/content. This way they can choose which one they want to join.
  6. After a member successfully purchases one of these plans, they will be shown the Member Page or Content Link they were originally trying to access.
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