How to set up your Wix site navigation for members

The way you want members to move through and interact on your website is usually subjective, but there are some good common options to consider.

Below are the three main options MemberSpace customers have successfully used to ensure their member experience is intuitive.

The easiest way to set up member navigation is by utilizing our Member Menu feature.  Learn more about the Member Menu including how to enable it.

Option 2 - Create a member dashboard page

This is one of the more popular approaches MemberSpace customers use.

  1. First, create a page in your Wix site (e.g. "/dashboard") and design it however you want. See this case study for a visual example.
  2. Add the page URL to a product in MemberSpace.
  3. Make sure to include links on this dashboard page to the various other protected pages on your website so this acts as the home base for your members to get anywhere else they need to go on your website.
  4. We recommend you also make this dashboard page the After Log In and After Signup page URL for all your plans so new and returning members are taken there automatically.
  5. You could also add a link to this dashboard page in your top navigation within Wix via the Menus & Pages button on the left:

  1. If you prefer to have links to every protected page easily accessible in your top navigation, we recommend you create a subpage dropdown.
  2. You could set the dropdown title to something like "Member Navigation".  Then, you would add links within the dropdown to your various protected pages.
  3. You could also include a Member Link popup in the dropdown.
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