How to create a multi-user license membership

What is a multi-user license membership?

Say you have a corporate client who wants their employees to have access to your membership. You don't want to charge each employee directly; instead, you want to charge the corporation a multi-user license fee for up to X employees to utilize your membership.

Choose your business model

First, you'll need to decide what type of business model you want.

Is it a one size fits all (e.g. pay us $5,000/year and all of a corporation's employees get access — no limits)?

Or do you want to offer multiple tiers (e.g. pay us $2,000/year for up to 100 employee seats, pay us $4,000/year for up to 300 employee seats, etc)?

After you decide on your business model, it's time to create plans.

One size fits all

  1. You'll need to create two plans. The first plan (e.g. "Enterprise License - unlimited") will be what the corporation is signing up for (e.g. $5,000/year) for unlimited employee access. In your MemberSpace account > click Pricing in the left navigation > click Create Plan > and then choose the type of payment you want. You should make sure you toggle off Make Plan Public when creating this plan so employees can't accidentally join it from within their accounts.
  2. The key thing to remember is this is the plan the actual corporation will be signing up for (not their employees), so make sure the wording and pricing reflect that. It probably makes sense to create a custom Welcome page in your website editor for the corporation to be sent to automatically after signup & login just to give them context about next steps, how to contact you for support, etc.
  3. The second plan you create will be a free plan (e.g. "Employee Plan"). You should also make sure you toggle off Make Plan Public for it. This is the plan the corporation's employees will be signing up for, so make sure the wording and page/content access are correct when creating it.

    Instead of using one generic employee plan like mentioned above, you may want to create a free plan each time a new corporation signs up so that you can use the company's name within the plan name to make things feel more personal (e.g. ACME Corporation Employees).

  4. You'll probably want to create another Welcome page in your website editor for employees to be automatically sent after signup and login. This welcome page could be a member dashboard of some sort and link out to the various pages and content you want employees to have access to (see screenshot example below):

    Think of it as a home base. Learn more about setting up your member navigation.

  5. You'll need to create a way for the corporation's employees to sign up for the free plan and get access. You have two options here.

    1) You could simply send the employee plan signup link to an admin at the corporation for them to distribute to employees.

    2) You could manually invite each of the corporation's employees to the employee plan. To do that, in your MemberSpace account go to Members > click Invite New Member on the left.

  6. Lastly, you'll need to remind the corporate admin to let you know whenever they need you to manually remove an employee's access and then you can do that in the Members section of your MemberSpace backend.

    Also, if you have any kind of limit on the number of employees that can be part of the plan, you'll need to manually monitor that by filtering your member list here:

Multiple tiers

For this option, you'll follow the same steps as above except you'll be creating multiple tiers of membership for a corporation to sign up.

Say you're offering two tiers of plans that a corporation could sign up for. The first tier could be $2,000/year for up to 100 employee seats. The second tier could be $4,000/year for up to 300 employee seats. You would need to create two plans by going to Pricing > Create Plan > and then choose the type of payment you want.

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