How to apply a coupon to a member in Stripe

This guide does NOT cover how to create a new coupon within MemberSpace. Click here for that guide.

Sometimes you'll run into a situation where you want a coupon added to a member's existing subscription after they have already joined and paid for one of your Member Plans.

Since a member won't be able to apply a coupon themselves in this situation, you as the admin will want to do that using Stripe.

  1. In your MemberSpace account > go to 'Members' in your top navigation > find the member > then click View Member Details':
  2. Click on 'View customer in Stripe':

  3. Scroll down to the 'Subscriptions' section in your Stripe account > click the 3 dots on the right > click 'Update subscription':

  4. Click 'Add coupon' and select the existing coupon you want to apply:

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