How to manually approve members

Some organizations want to individually approve each member before they can actually join a plan and get access to their products.

Here's how you would set that up:

  1. In MemberSpace > click Customize > click General Options > check off Manually approve members at the top and then click Save Changes:

  2. Now whenever a new member tries to join any plan you offer, they will be shown this message after they create their account:

    You can also edit the wording of the "A site admin still needs to approve..." message by going to Customize > Custom Wording > Notifications & Alerts > then scroll down to After registration needs approval text > after editing, click Save Changes.

  3. You as the Site Owner will get an email notifying you whenever a new account is created, and there will be a link to view the account. After you click that link, you'll be able to easily approve any new member:

  4. You can always see a list of any members who are awaiting approval by clicking Members in your left navigation and then filtering the Approval status by Awaiting Approval:

    You can then approve or deny members right within that list, or click View member details if you want to see their full details like in Step 3 above:

  5. After you approve a member, they will get a Notification Email called Member Approval. In the email will be a link for them to log into their account, and if they were trying to join a paid plan of yours, they will now be asked to enter their billing details before officially being part of the plan and getting page/content access.

    You can edit the wording of this email by going to Customize > Notification Emails > and clicking on Member Approval.

    If you deny a member, they will get a different email called Member Denial. You can edit the wording of this email (or disable it altogether) by going to Customize > Notification Emails > and clicking on Member Denial.

  6. After you approve a member and they enter their billing details (if joining a paid plan), they will now be on the plan they originally tried to join.

    You can always deny a member in the future as well which will stop them from accessing any of your products (i.e. protected pages or links). However, this will NOT cancel any recurring or multiple payments going forward, so you'll still need to cancel their plan here:

Once a member's account is approved, they can cancel, join, or rejoin any plan without additional approval. If you no longer want the member to have access to your protected content or have the ability to join one of your plans, you can change their status to denied.

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