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Can I pause my member's subscription?

This guide is part of our Admin FAQ series.

We know that sometimes giving the option of pausing a subscription to your members can avoid cancellations.  While we do not currently have a "pause membership" feature in MemberSpace, you can temporarily pause a member's subscription in Stripe.  Alternatively, you could choose to apply a temporary 100% off coupon to your member's subscription.

When pausing a member's subscription in Stripe or applying a 100% off coupon, the member will not be charged but will continue to have access to your protected content.

Pausing a Subscription in Stripe

Below are the steps you can take to temporarily pause a member's subscription in Stripe.

  1. Locate the member in your Stripe account.
  2. Under "Subscriptions", click the three dots to the right of the member's subscription > click "Pause payment collection."

  3. You can choose to pause payment collection indefinitely or until a custom date.  If you choose to pause payment collection until a custom date, you will set the date when you would like to resume collecting payment from that member.

    You will also choose one of the following options as the invoice behavior:

    - Keep invoices as drafts: for businesses offering services but delaying payment collection.
    - Mark invoices uncollectible: for businesses offering services for free.
    - Void invoices: for businesses not offering services.

  4. Once you've chosen the pause duration and invoice behavior, click "Pause" at the bottom, right.

If you chose to resume payment collection on a custom date, the subscription will automatically resume on that date.  However, if you would like to resume the subscription before the selected date, or if you chose to pause payment collection indefinitely and would like to resume the subscription, you can do so by clicking the three dots to the right of the subscription > click "Resume payment collection" > click "Resume."

If you need to pause all active subscriptions at once, you can do so with the same parameters as above in your Billing settings.

Using a Coupon to Prevent Payment Collection

A simple way to temporarily prevent a member from being charged for their subscription is using a 100% off coupon.  You can choose to manually apply a coupon to a member's subscription and/or offer a discount code to a member who attempts to cancel their subscription.

Applying a Coupon to a Member's Subscription in Stripe

First, you will need to create a coupon in your MemberSpace backend.  From there, you can apply the coupon to the member's subscription in Stripe.

Offering a Coupon as an Alternative to Canceling

You can choose to turn on the discount coupon option as a "Cancelation alternative" which is shown to a member when they attempt to cancel their membership.  If a member chooses this option instead of canceling their membership, the coupon will automatically be applied to their next billing cycle. 

Below are the steps to turn on the discount coupon option cancelation alternative.

  1. Create a coupon in your MemberSpace backend.

    Under "What type of Member Plan is this coupon for?", choose "Only recurring or multiple payment plans."

    Do not set a redemption start or end date, and do not set a max number of redemptions.Toggle ON the switch under "Allow all Member Plans to use this coupon?" > click "Create Coupon."

  2. Turn on the discount coupon option by going to "Customize" > "General Options" > scroll down to "Cancelation Options" > check the box next to "Enable discount coupon option" > select the name of the coupon from the dropdown.

If you wish to evaluate each request you receive to pause a subscription, you could decide not to offer a discount coupon as a cancelation alternative.  Instead, you could allude to the idea of pausing a subscription and ask members to contact you as needed.  After evaluating the request, you would manually apply the discount code to the member in Stripe as mentioned above under "Applying a Coupon to a Member's Subscription in Stripe."

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