MemberSpace and Stripe integration

How to integrate with Stripe

MemberSpace has a direct integration with the payment gateway Stripe which allows you to securely take payments from members using all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc).

  1. If you don't already have a Stripe account, create one for free here.
  2. To connect & authenticate MemberSpace with Stripe, simply create your first paid Member Plan OR go to Customize > Integrations > Stripe
  3. Check the box and click the connect button:

After you've authenticated, below are some details to pay attention to.

Creating a Member Plan

Every time you create a recurring payment or a multiple payment Member Plan we will automatically create the same plan in your Stripe account under the Subscriptions section.

The plan name will be identical but the plan ID in Stripe will have "memberspace-xxxxx" added at the end so you know it was created via MemberSpace. Please don't adjust any plans we've created in your Stripe account. Any adjustments should be handled within MemberSpace - otherwise issues can occur.

When you a create a free payment plan it will not show up anywhere in your Stripe account. For one time payment plans, the charge will show up under your customer's charges in Stripe but no plan will be present in Stripe.

Canceling a Member Plan (or trial)

If you want to cancel a member's subscription/multiple payments Membership Plan (or their trial), we recommend you do that from within MemberSpace.

Just go to the Members section in the top navigation > find the member > click "View member details" > then click Cancel next to the plan you want to cancel.

When you cancel a recurring or multiple payment plan, you'll see that reflected in your Stripe account for that customer as well.

You can technically cancel a member's plan from within your Stripe account but again it's always better to handle membership and plan management from within MemberSpace to avoid any issues.

New member sign up

When a new member signs up and pays for one of your Member Plans, they will automatically be added as a customer in your Stripe account.

Member payments and refunds

Every time a member pays for one of your Member Plans the charge details will appear in Stripe (and in MemberSpace).

The member's payment will be automatically deposited (usually 2 business days later) into the bank account you connected to your Stripe account. The amount deposited will automatically have any MemberSpace & Stripe transaction fees taken out already.

If you need to refund someone for a payment follow this simple guide. When you issue a refund, MemberSpace will refund any transaction fees paid to us, but Stripe does not refund their fees.

Coupons for members

You can create and manage all of your coupons directly in MemberSpace. Read the 'Stripe and coupons' section of that article to learn more about how coupons are handled between MemberSpace and Stripe.

Creating manual charges in Stripe

There may be occasions where you want to manually charge one of your members without having them join a plan of yours. To do this in Stripe > click on Customers on the left > click on the customer you want to charge > scroll down to Payments > click Add payment:

Stripe error

If you or a member ever sees an error like this ('No such plan') when trying to join a Member Plan of yours, it means you must have deleted the plan within your Stripe account:

How to disconnect Stripe

If you need to disconnect your Stripe account from MemberSpace, first make sure you've deleted any recurring or multiple payment Member Plans. If you have members currently on those plans you'll need to cancel them before you can delete the plan.

If you still can't disconnect Stripe, you'll need to delete any members that were previously on any recurring or multiple payment Member Plans. Then try disconnecting Stripe again.

Note about canceling MemberSpace

If you ever decide to cancel your MemberSpace subscription please keep in mind that any members you have on recurring or multiple payment plans will continue to be charged via your Stripe account. Canceling your MemberSpace account does NOT cancel any member subscriptions. You'll have to log into your Stripe account and manually cancel any subscriptions you don't want.

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