MemberSpace and Stripe integration

For anyone who doesn't know, MemberSpace has a 1-click integration with Stripe. This is great for quick and easy setup when you initially join MemberSpace, but there are a few important details to keep in mind AFTER you authenticate your Stripe account with us.

Creating A Member Plan

Every time you create a recurring payment or a multiple payments Member Plan in MemberSpace we will automatically create the same plan in your Stripe account under the Subscriptions section. The plan name will be identical but the plan ID in Stripe will have "memberspace-12345xxxxx" added at the end so you know it was created via MemberSpace. Please don't adjust any plans we've created automatically in your Stripe account. Any adjustments should be handled within MemberSpace - otherwise issues can occur.

When you a create a free plan it will not show up anywhere in your Stripe account. For one time payment plans, the charge will show up under your customer in Stripe but no plan will be present in Stripe.

Canceling A Membership Plan Or Trial

If you want to cancel a member's subscription/multiple payments Membership Plan (or their trial), we recommend you do that from within MemberSpace. Just go to the View Members section in the top navigation and then find the member (clicking Search Member List on the right is helpful), then click "View member details". You'll have the options to cancel their plan (and trial). When you cancel a recurring subscription or multiple payments plan, you'll see that reflected in your Stripe account for that customer as well.

You can technically cancel a member's plan from within your Stripe account but again it's always better to handle membership and plan management from within MemberSpace to avoid any issues.

New Member Sign Up

When a new member signs up and pays for one of your Membership Plans, they will automatically be added as a customer in your Stripe account.

Member Payments & Refunds

Every time a member pays for one of your Membership Plans the charge details will appear in Stripe (and in MemberSpace). If you need to refund someone for a payment you will need to do that via your Stripe account by finding the customer in Stripe scrolling down to the Payments section and clicking the dots "..." on the right hand side and then clicking "Refund payment".

Coupons For Members

You can create and manage all of your coupons directly in MemberSpace. If you create a subscription/payment coupon we will create a copy of that in Stripe for you. Deleting that coupon deletes it in Stripe. Alternatively, creating or deleting a coupon from the Stripe Dashboard will create or delete the same coupon in MemberSpace.  

Canceling Your MemberSpace Account

IMPORTANT: If you ever decide to cancel your MemberSpace subscription please keep in mind that any members you have on paid subscriptions or multiple payment plans will continue to be charged via your Stripe account. Canceling your MemberSpace account does NOT cancel any member subscriptions. You'll have to log into your Stripe account and manually cancel any subscriptions you don't want.

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