How to reconnect your Stripe account

If you happen to disconnect MemberSpace within your Stripe dashboard, we will no longer be able to interact with Stripe on your behalf :(

Here are the steps required to add us back as an authorized application.

  1. First, you'll need to verify there is an error. In MemberSpace > click Customize in your left navigation > click Integrations > click Stripe.

    If you see this error, please continue on to step 2 below:
    If you do not see the error above, contact [email protected].
  2. In order to reconnect Stripe & MemberSpace, you will first need your Site ID. To find it, go to > click on your website > then copy the site ID between "sites/" and "/dashboard." For example:
  3. Then go to

    Replace "enter-your-site-id" with the numbers you copied above.
  4. You will now see a Stripe connect page (you'll be prompted to log into Stripe if you aren't already).

    Choose the Stripe account that was previously connected to MemberSpace:
  5. Click the Connect button, and you will be taken back to your MemberSpace account.

    You should no longer see any error when you go to Customize > Integrations > Stripe.

    Any errors you were experiencing (e.g. viewing member details) should now be resolved!
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