How to disable the default Member Button

  1. Click on Customize (in the left navigation)
  2. Click Look & Feel
  3. Choose Member Button in the dropdown on the left:
  4. Toggle OFF Enable Member Button:
  5. Click Save Changes on the right

Afterward, you will need to add a Member Link elsewhere on your site. Otherwise, your members won't have a way to log in or view their account.

To add a Member Link to your site, navigate to Customize > Integrations > select your website builder (e.g. Squarespace, Wordpress, Webflow, etc.) in your MemberSpace backend. Scroll down to Member Link Options and click Copy under Popup or Embed:
Then, add the popup link or embed tag you just copied somewhere on your website (e.g. your top navigation, your footer, on any webpage, etc.). Check out the exact steps based on your website platform if you need more guidance.

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