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How to set up a personalized membership

MemberSpace does not have official personalized membership functionality, but you can certainly repurpose our existing features (see below) to create a personalized membership experience.

How To Set Up A Personalized Membership

Let's say you want to create and provide unique content for each of your members.  While MemberSpace does not yet have a streamlined solution for this scenario, a personalized membership experience can be achieved by creating individual Member Pages and Member Plans specific to each member.  Members will join their own unique plan which will provide access to pages with content only accessible on their plan.

To create these personalized memberships, you would follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page in your website builder (e.g. Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress, etc.) for each of your members.  Each page should include the unique content to which the corresponding member should have access.
  2. Create a separate Member Page for each of the pages you created in your website builder and name them in a way that defines which Member Page is for which member (e.g. "Jane Doe").  You can leave the "Which Member Plans can have access?" section blank as you'll connect the Member Page with the correct Member Plan in the next step.

  3. Next, you'll create a Member Plan for each member.  You can choose whether you'd like the plan to be Free or require a One-Time, Multiple, or Recurring Payment.  As with the Member Pages, you'll want to be sure to name each plan in a way that differentiates which plan belongs to each member (e.g. "Jane Doe's Plan").  In the "Which Member Page(s) can be accessed?" section, choose the corresponding Member Page.Then, be sure to fill in the "After Sign Up" and "After Log In" fields with the URL to the corresponding page you created for that member in your website builder (e.g. https://yoursite.com/jane-doe).Finally, you'll want to set each Member Plan to "Private" to ensure only invited members can join the plan.

  4. Once you've finished setting up the Member Pages and Member Plans, you're ready to invite your members!  You can choose to manually invite new members or send them the sign up link to their unique plan.

    If you'd like to add an existing member to their unique plan, you can do so by going to Members in the top navigation > View member details > Add to a Member Plan.

    Moving forward, once your members have been added to or joined their unique Member Plan, they can access their exclusive content by logging in via the Login Form on your website.  If a member is on more than one Member Plan, they will have the option to choose which content they'd like to access by clicking the "Access Content" link beside the corresponding plan in their account.

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