How to gift memberships

MemberSpace doesn't have official gifting functionality, but you can certainly repurpose our existing features to create a gifting experience.

For example, if your membership is normally $50/month you could create two different gift plan options:

  • "Gift Membership $50", pays for 1 month of membership.
  • "Gift Membership $150", pays for 3 months of membership.

To create these gift plans, you would follow these steps:

  1. Create a one-time payment Member Plan for $50 and make sure it grants access to whatever Member Pages and Content Links you want.
  2. Create another one-time payment Member Plan for $150 and make sure it grants access to the same Member Pages and Content Links as your plan in the previous step.
  3. Now you'll need to create a custom Welcome Email for each gift plan by going to Customize > Member Emails > "Add Welcome Email per Plan".

    You'll want to include in the email body a message that makes it clear you will be sending the gift buyer a unique coupon code shortly which they can send to the gift receiver who can apply it when signing up for your normal membership plans.
  4. Whenever someone purchases one of these gift plans, you'll need to create a unique coupon code to send them. Go to Member Plans > Manage Coupons.

    Create a unique coupon code with a redemption limit of 1 and then manually send an email to the gift buyer with the coupon code included.

    In the email you send, you may also want to include two other details:

    1) The gift receiver will need to enter the coupon code and their credit card when purchasing a membership. This way if they continue the membership after the gift runs out or buys a different membership in the future, their credit card will be on file.

    2) If you want to allow gift buyers to buy a gift for an existing member, then you'll need to ask the gift buyer to send you the name and email address of the existing member they want to apply the gift to. After you get those details you'll need to manually apply a coupon to the member's account in Stripe. So there's no need in this case to send the gift buyer any coupon code. Perhaps just a confirmation that you applied the coupon successfully :)

    To automate this last step, you could create a custom sign up field for just the gift plans. Here's video showing how.
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