Popular MemberSpace Customizations

1. Removing the default Login/Account button

Once you add the Install Code for MemberSpace onto your website, you'll see a black button appear in the bottom right hand corner that says "Member Login". If you do not want a login/signup option on each page of your site, you can disable this button and add the login/account either as part of your main navigation menu, or as a link elsewhere on your site.

First, to remove the default login/account button, go to "Customize", "Integrations", select the platform you are using (Squarespace, Wordpress, Webflow, etc.) and uncheck the option you see, "Display a floating Login/Account button". You should no longer see this login/account button on your site.

Next, you'll need to add your Login/Account link elsewhere on your site, you'll want to decide if you'd like to use a general login/account or a plan-specific sign up link. If you are adding the link to your main navigation menu, usually a general login/account link will be the preferred choice.

You can find the general login/account links right below the checkbox above:

Login / Account Popup link:

Login / Account Embed link:

If you have a sales page detailing each member plan, often times a plan-specific sign up link will be a good choice, so that the member can read a summary of the plan and then sign up for that plan directly without seeing a dropdown menu of other plan options. To find this plan-specific link, you can go to "Member Plans", "Get sign up link", "Copy, next to the plan link you'd like to use. You can then place this in a button, image, or link on your page. 

If you want to add a general sign up option that would open a plan dropdown for members to choose from all your public member plans, go to "Member Plans", "Get All-Plans Link", "All-Plans Link Popup" or "All-Plans Link Embed" and add to your site:

2. Add a Create Account button to your Login forms

Whenever someone is viewing your login form - via the default login/account button in the bottom right or a popup or embed you can choose to include a Create Account button as well. You can choose to have this Create Account button lead peopler to a dropdown of your public Member Plans, or directly to a specific plan, or to a custom page URL.

To enable the Create Account button within your login form go to Customize > General Options > Check off "Enable Create Account button within Login form" > then click Save Your Changes.

3. Editing Member Emails

Your members will receive emails from your membership site when they complete certain actions, such as signing up, making a payment, or when their plan is expiring. You have the ability to edit and personalize the emails they receive. To find the emails, log into your MemberSpace backend and go to "Customize", "Member Emails".

Click on the email you want to edit and then make sure to click "Save Now" before leaving the page.

We also recommend trying out the "Send a Test Email to Yourself" button (right above the "Save Now" button) to see how your edited email will display to your members!

The most popular emails to edit are the "Welcome Email" and the "Successful Charge Receipt Email". The Welcome email is sent when your members first join one of your plans, as a confirmation that they're joined successfully. You also have the ability to add a separate Welcome Email for each of your members plans.

Some site owners will choose to include more detailed information about what the member receives as part of the membership. The "Successful Charge Receipt" email will be sent each time your member makes a payment. 

4. Change Look & Feel (e.g. button color)

The "Look & Feel" section allows you to change the color and style of the signup/login form and buttons. 

To find the "Look & Feel" section, log into your MemberSpace backend, go to "Customize", "Look & Feel". 

Here you will find all of the options you can utilize to style the various forms members will see.

On your screen you will see options for Login, Account, Sign Up, & Payment. The view will change depending on which option you select.

On the left hand side as shown in the image above, you will find the styling options you can choose for those forms.

If you scroll down a bit you will find the Custom CSS and Javascript sections where you can add extra styling not provided through the default styling options. For more information about adding custom CSS you can click here.

After any styling change, make sure to click the "Save changes" button above the form view.

If you want to remove a change prior to saving, click "Discard changes". Once you save any changes you would have to update the styling again to switch back to a previous design. The "Discard changes" button only removes changes that have not been saved.

If you click the "Reset to default" button, that will revert back to the default styling including any custom CSS you may have added.

5. White-labeling your domain

MemberSpace uses something called 3rd party cookies to recognize when your members are logged into your website (and therefore grant them access to your pages/content). However, not all browsers treat 3rd party cookies the same and occasionally that can cause login issues for members. The best way to prevent this is to white-label your MemberSpace domain. Here is an article showing you how to do this.

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