MemberSpace 101

MemberSpace allows you to protect pages and content on your existing website, making that content members-only.  

To do this, you'll first create your website on one of the CMS platforms with which we integrate (like Squarespace, WordPress, etc.). Then, you can add MemberSpace to your website to protect various pages and content on it.

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Creating member plans How to install MemberSpace
Protecting member pages Customizing your MemberSpace
Collecting payments Member account management

Creating Member Plans

The first step after signing up for MemberSpace and setting up your website details is creating Member Plans. These Member Plans will grant access to the protected pages and content on your website

  1. To create a Member Plan, go to Member Plans > Create Member Plans in your MemberSpace account.
  2. Choose the type of plan you'd like to create (Free, One Time Payment, Multiple Payment, Recurring Payment).
  3. Configure the remaining settings and click Create this plan at the bottom.
  4. When your Member Plan has been created, you can add its signup link to your website so members can join the plan and access your Member Pages. Under Member Plans, click Get sign-up link > copy the URL > and add it wherever you'd like on your website.

Installing MemberSpace

Once you've set up your Member Plan(s), you'll install MemberSpace on your website. You can find step-by-step instructions to install MemberSpace on your CMS platform here.

When you've finished installing MemberSpace on your website, you'll notice the Member Button appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your website.

Protecting Member Pages

Once you've installed MemberSpace on your website, you can begin to protect Member Pages.  

  1. To protect a Member page, go to Member Pages > Protect Member Pages in your MemberSpace account.
  2. Choose a page on your website (i.e. /course), enter the URL, and select what Member Plans will have access.

Once you add the Member Page, refresh your website and visit that page to make sure it is protected.

Customizing MemberSpace

You can customize the Look & Feel of the Create Account form as well as change any wording and add additional custom signup fields in the MemberSpace backend.

Collecting Payment

If you plan to use One Time Payment, Multiple Payment, or Recurring Payment plans, you'll need to connect your Stripe account to MemberSpace in order to collect payment. Stripe allows you to securely take payments from members using all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc) and supports various currencies.

Member Account Management

When members create a new account or sign in to an existing one, they will be able to view the protected pages to which the Member Plan they have joined grants access. Any login links or buttons on your website will change to "Your Account" where your members can edit their profile, update payment information, and manage their plans.

You can edit, add, or delete Member Pages or Member Plans at any time. With MemberSpace, you can protect unlimited pages and create unlimited plans, based on your membership's needs.

For additional resources on marketing and selling digital products and memberships with MemberSpace, check out MemberSpace University, your one-stop resource hub full of step-by-step guides, educational videos, helpful tips and tricks, and more.

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